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Redeeming Truth Podcast

Jun 15, 2022

EP 90 | The Attack on Inerrancy (with Dr. Bill Roach) | Redeeming Truth: Touchy Subjects


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Jun 2, 2022

EP 89 | God Is the Author of the Bible (with Dr. Bill Roach) | Redeeming Truth: Touchy Subjects


Jon Benzinger, Dr. F David Farnell, and Dr. Bill Roach discuss biblical inerrancy.  When it comes to the Scriptures, we believe in the inspiration of Scripture, meaning that the Bible is the Word of God. God is the ultimate...

Jun 1, 2022

EP 88 | Why Is Inerrancy Important? (Biblical Inerrancy) | Redeeming Truth


Jon Benzinger and Dr. F David Farnell discuss the importance of biblical inerrancy on the Redeeming Truth Podcast. Why does biblical inerrancy matter?


Jon Benzinger is our lead pastor at Redeemer Bible Church, and Dave Farnell is the Director...